Welcome to the Sims Community! Here is where you can go to easily connect with other Simmers. We shall be hosting different contests, challenges, community legacies, exchanges, etc... So if you are interested in joining in, just drop an ask or submit.

Do you have a sim you want made over?  We are pleased to announce that the Make Over Service is now open for business and accepting submissions! 

For the Make-Over Service we will need from you the following:

1. Your Username/URL
2. An email address you frequently check/will check
3. Link to the Sim you want made over (please make sure we can download it)
4. Any specifics you have in mind for their make-over
5. What game do you play?
6. What EPs/SPs you have?

Submit your request here! Please note that it can take sometime to complete the makeover. We will try and make sure that you do not wait more than a few days!

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