Welcome to the Sims Community! Here is where you can go to easily connect with other Simmers. We shall be hosting different contests, challenges, community legacies, exchanges, etc... So if you are interested in joining in, just drop an ask or submit.

Make-Over Service Staff Application:

1. Username/URL

2. Do you play The Sims 2 or The Sims 3?

3. Are you willing to give a bit of time to looking through applicants?

4. Please provide an Email that you check/can check frequently.

5. Please provide some photos of Sims you have made over/made.

6. Do you use CC frequently?

7. What EPs/SPs do you have?

8.  Are you comfortable making CC free Sims?

Once you have finished filling this out. Send it to our ask or to our email [community.sims@gmail.com]. 

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