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I swear, this is the last poll for a while. Where should we host the RR? Vote here!

Ideally, hosting it on LJ would probably be the most optimal, but not everyone has an LJ account, so.


Posted another poll here, regarding whether or not our Halloween RR founder should be supernatural, and what kind they should be if it’s decided they should be. Go check it out!

So, we’ve got a list of 20 films, which should be enough for 10 generations. We’ll be randomizing them and assigning one to each of the 10 generations. In the meantime, head on over to Necile’s LiveJournal for some polls regarding founder stuff (I.e. gender, surname, aspiration, etc. I figured it was easiest to do it this way, since I’m rubbish at doing polls here.) After that’s done, we’ll start accepting participants, and work out other details. Thanks!

If you play TS2, have the time, and want to be an admin here at TSC, shoot us an ask with your email in it! I (Necile) am currently the only admin who plays TS2, and seeing as we’re hosting a TS2 legacy pretty soon, we could use some more TS2 players to help answer questions and keep track of legacy-related things. 

Info after the break.

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